Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Refund policy

Orders which have been paid for online and then cancelled by the user are automatically refunded. For all online payment methods, the refund is made to the customers' online balance on our website. The refund is not made via the original online payment. A positive online balance may be used against future orders. If you wish to close your account while you still have a positive balance, please get in touch on 01634 723265 and we will arrange for a manual refund.

Return policy

If you are unsatisfied with your order in any way, please get in touch. Please note that the normal right to return for distance selling does not apply due to the custom nature of the order and it's expiration.

Cancellation policy

Orders can be cancelled by the customer easily via the account/orders page until the order has been retrieved and printed by our system. The time between order placement and printing depends on how far ahead the order was placed. If it is not possible to cancel an order online, please phone us on 01634 723265 and we will see if we are still able to cancel the order. If an order has already started to be prepared, it cannot be cancelled.

Delivery policy

Deliveries will be made on the chosen day. We endeavour to deliver your order as close to the time slot you have chosen as possible. If your order has not been delivered when it was expected, please get in touch on 01634 723265.

Privacy policy

We will store the minimum of personal data in order to accept and fulfil orders. If a customer account is cancelled, we will delete most personal information but we must retain some data for our own records. We will, with approval, use email addresses for own marketing purposes. It is possible to opt in or out of these at any time. We will not give or sell personal data to any third party.

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